My tooth 【私の歯】【7歳Miaのブログ日記】

Mia's diary

Hi! I am Mia. Do you remember the other blog I made well today’s blog is about My big tooth hole?



The tooth hole was made by my other tooth wiggly. And I was scared because I don’t want 2 teeth gone



But something amazing happened. The tooth fairy gave me a 10 dollar bill! And a bonus she gave me a note!


It said(tooth fairy)  Thank you for the beautiful tooth. It will be one of the best collections of mine.




I am happy! Lots of Love your friend tooth fairy and a heart. And I think she likes me do you think?

(とっても嬉しい!たくさんの愛をこめて。あなたのお友達の歯の妖精より♡ きっと妖精さんわたしのこと好きだと思うけどみんなはどう思う?)



And the note was shaped like a tooth. And I wrote something on the back she hasn’t received it yet.




But it says… …Dear tooth fairy I like you.  I hope to see you soon. and I know your pencil is heavy so here you go.




I broke a pencil in half and then broke it into smaller pieces. And taped the small pencil to the note.



The End




英語…Mia 日本語…Mom





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