Hi everyone!

I started to have a runny nose on Sunday.

I told my mom about it.  I kept blowing my nose on Monday at school.

Do you think that’s bad? Well… yes but that’s not as bad as this.

On Tuesday I woke up but I didn’t notice anything.

But I kept scratching and scratching my back.

But then In the closet, I found out I called mom.

On my back were some hives.

Imediently it spread and spread until my whole body had hives.

I had little ones big one’s long ones and weird shape ones.

But know matter the shape or size my mom called the doctor.

When we went to the doctor, the doctor said that I have strep throat.

After the doctor visit, we went to Walmart’s pharmacy shop.

So we got some medicine and was going home.

My mom also thinks that she also has strep throat.

The next day which is today I still have hives not to worry I’m typing this right now and my hives are almost gone.

Well, I’m sorry but that’s the end of my story.






The End



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