Today I woke up at 6:30.

It wasn’t dark because daylight saving time passed.

I ate some vanilla yogurt for breakfast today.

It was 7:11 and my mom was driving me to school.

I was sitting in the gym watching coach Ledsome throw a tennis ball until it was 7:20

I walked in the long hallway as kids were passing by.

I was the 2nd one in the classroom.

Yanni was the 1st one.

I wrote my letter to Jenna and finished my story about Goldilocks.

After that, it was my mad min test.

It’s a good thing I finished a row.

After that, we made a pumpkin out of the opposite word.

Aria and I were partners.

We were the very first ones to finish our pumpkin.

After that, we finished our Thurgood Marshall timeline.

We went to recess and baby sitted Uni.

After recess, it was time for lunch.

Since today was pizza day, I had pepperoni.

I worked on a math sheet for math time.

We didn’t have skill builder today because it was Friday.

And I had Free choice.

After school, I played with Logan until 5:00.

I ate dinner and talked to Gabriella.

And did some homework for a big test.

And now I am typing on my blog.

I just finishing with…




THE END :-):-P




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