How to make a flower out of slime

Mia's diary

First, make 3 knives out of wood. 1 could be made out of a popsicle stick, the rest could be made out of one big popsicle stick, about the size of a ruler.

Split the big popsicle stick in half to make 2 knives.

I was trying to make a harmonica, but then it didn’t work. I ripped the harmonica, then I noticed a rip in the big popsicle stick.

I broke the BPS (short for big popsicle stick) in half. To me, it looked like 2 big wooden knives.

Then, grab the slime and use your smallest knife to cut it in half.

After that, use the medium knife to cut the slime into 4 pieces.

Last, cut the slime into eight pieces and form them into raindrops.

If they turn into blobs again then reform them.

Stick them together so that they make a flower.


:-):mrgreen:the end

to make a bouquet make more flowers and cut paper into the shape of a vase or triangle.



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