Adventure kids

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Maraline. Maraline only has 2 friends, Max and Troy.

They are Magical Creatures.

They always play at the park together. Sometimes, if Max and Troy aren’t there, Maraline plays with the squirrels and the foxes.

They all had special powers made by Queen Angel. Max can heal himself if he falls from a tree.

Maraline can hear her forest friends calling for help a mile away. Troy can fly away but, for only 1 mile.

They first met in daycare. Maraline was 3, Troy was 4, and Max was 3 and a half.

One day their Moms signed them up for camp. Their teacher was very mean on the first day.

At night they saw Queen Angel’s daughter. Her name was Almond. Almond said Queen Angel was in danger!:-o

She said” An evil person named Gothger had stolen mother nature’s soul. And I can’t do anything without mother nature because I’m fading away.”

She said that they have only 3 hours before Queen Angel and Almond would disappear.

She also said they would disappear too because they were made by Queen Angel.

Maraline noticed Almond’s voice was getting weaker every time she talked.

So she thought there wasn’t a moment to lose.” How do we get there?” Troy asked

“Go left at the Maple tree and slide down the waterfall, hold your breath. Skip 50 times forward, Only girl skips. Drink pure water and knock on the tree.” Almond said.

Suddenly, Almond fainted. ” Almond!!!” the kids said in unison.

” Luckily, I wrote everything she said.” Maraline said.

” We can’t just leave her here.” Max said. “What about we could put her in that cave.” Troy said.

” Are you sure there isn’t a bear in there?” Maraline said. ” I’ve gone in that cave for many years with my grandma. But my grandma said if there is a bear she isn’t gonna die, but there wasn’t a bear so she died.” Troy said with a tear in his eye.

“Bear!!!!!!!!” Max screamed. The Bear growled and roared.

” There is only one thing to do,” Troy said “RUN!!!” They ran and ran and ran,

Until the bear tripped and they got time to run off.

The bear looked and looked but saw no kids, so he went back into cave.

” Where are we?” Troy asked.  ” I don’t know.” Max said ” Let’s check the map.” Maraline suggested.

They looked around, then they checked the map. “It looks like we’re at the Maple tree.” Maraline said.

” Wait, I think Almond said something about the Maple tree.”  Max said.

“You’re right!” Maraline said. She looked at her notebook.

“She said that we have to turn at the Maple tree.” Maraline said.

“Which way?” Max asked. “Left.” Maraline answered. ” I heard if you turn left, bad things will happen to you.” Troy said. ” That’s a camp legend, Troy.” Maraline said. THUNK!!

” Max, get up.” Maraline said. ” I’m sc-sc scared.” Max said.

” Oh? Goodbye then.” Maraline said. Max’s Jaw droped. “Wait for me!” Max said.

” Oh no!” Troy said. “What?” Maraline said. “We left Almond at Bear cave.” Troy said.

” But it will take 30 mins to go there and we already wasted a hour.” Maraline said.

“I hope she will be okay.” Max said. Maraline used his super hearing to hear what was going on.” She’s is perfectly fine.” Maraline said.

” For some weird reason, they are having an animal party.” Maraline said.

” I guess she is okay then.” Max said. ” Hurry, we’ve already wasted 10 mins.”

Maraline looked at her watch. There was only 1 hour and 53 mins.


Maraline thought she had been walking for hours, but really she had only been walking for 3 mins.

Maraline knew it was because they were losing their powers every minute.

The more she walked the more she felt weaker and weaker and weaker.

She knew that they must keep walking or else they would of fallen into the hands of Gothger.

” Look, the waterfall,” Max said. ” According to what Almond said, we have to slide down the waterfall and hold our breath,” Maraline said.

” But, I’m bad at holding my breath.” Troy said. ” And I’m bad at swimming,” Max said.

” Try your best,” Maraline said. Then, they stood near the waterfall.

They felt like the waterfall is going to keep running forever.

” On my command, we jump,” Maraline said. ” In 3…. 2…. 1 JUMP!!!!”

Once they fell into the water they swam. They had to go to the surface and get air.

But they were too deep in the water. They lost breath and they knew they were going to drown.

But they were breathing! Troy didn’t need to hold their breath and Max swam perfectly.

Suddenly, they saw some weird objects in the water. Then, they found out what they were.


They swam as fast as they could. Luckily, the sea monsters can’t see very well, so they crashed into a lot of things.

They read about a story called ” Polly Wilkins and the Sea Monsters.”

They learned that sea monsters are evil people who got bitten by the Croakler and by other sea monsters.

Remember, these sea monsters aren’t real. And the kids are magical creatures. So you will never see a Troll, Beaut, and Zaple.

They swam up to the surface and got on land as fast as they could.

They also learned that sea monsters can’t walk or else they would injure their fins.

After that, Maraline looked at her watch. 1 hour and 20 mins left.

“Let’s go that way by skipping,” Maraline said.

After 50 skips that way, they saw The Great Oak. By skipping that way, they’ve wasted 20 mins and accidentally went the wrong way.

So it took 40 mins to go the correct way because Almond never said the direction.

Troy said, ” Don’t drink that water!” “Why?”, asked Maraline and Max.

” You see those bubble words in the water, it says saltwater and it is highly contaminated with sea monster pee.”, Troy said. ” Yuck!”, Maraline said.

They saw the bubble words that said fresh water and drank it.

Once they were done drinking, they all knocked on The Great Oak and it brought them into the magical land where they were born.

The Queen said ” Thank goodness you came, and- ” the queen had gotten interrupted and

a machine exploded causing the Queen and Angel to become unconscious.

Not only that but, the kids lost all their powers and collapsed.

Not just the inside world broke into pieces, the normal land where humans lived, had air that turned into smoke and Land turned into lava.

Nothing was left except skulls. ” Brilliant!”, said Gothger ” Take those unconscious people to my jail.”

They eventually found Almond and took her to jail too!

Gothger sat on a skull throne and ordered his employees multiple times and his employees listened to him.

When Maraline, Troy, and Max woke up, they found themselves in a jail cell.

Almond and The queen were in a jail cell too and they were still unconscious

Maraline said, ” If we don’t stop Gothger now then he’ll never be stopped.”

Then they saw the guard sleeping and the key right next to him.

Maraline called to her forest friends and they tried to help them by squeezing through the bars but, it was no use.

Luckily, Troy was thin enough to squeeze through the bars and get the keys.

Troy tiptoed to the table and grab the keys.

Troy accidentally brushed his arm against the guard.

That woke the guard wide awake.

He looked at the kids, left to right, and up down.

He shrugged and thought of the word ” Imagination” and fell back asleep.

Troy was hiding under the table.

The guard did not see just 2 people in the cell because he looked too fast.

Troy opened the jail cell and they tiptoed out the exit.

But to their surprise, the exit was spelled emit, spelled backward of time.

Emit was Gothger’s secret code meaning that was the time machine room.

The kids found a big room with a time machine and thought what shall we do with it.

Max said, ” I want to go back in time with-” Max didn’t finish his sentence because he slapped the time machine with the back of his hand.

The room turned into different colors and 3 seconds later, everything stopped.

They looked around and saw a little baby in a window.

They soon found out that the baby is Gothger.

His mother said, ” Abandon this baby Eric. I love the Earth more.”

Eric threw him out the door and Gothger got mad at the earth.

He cracked the Earth into 2 pieces.

Just then a girl baby crawled up to him and threw him into space.

She put the 2 pieces back together and everyone cheered for her.

Meanwhile, Baby Gothger landed in South America and got so mad, that he cut down all of the trees in South America.

Troy shouted, ” Yikes! We don’t want that to happen!”

Maraline said, ” Get back into the time machine!”

They went back in time for 3 minutes.

The girl baby was about to throw Gothger when Maraline picked Gothger up and threw him all the way to Jupiter.

The people clapped and they went back home to see everything was back to normal.

Few months later, they always like to play video games and love Max’s Mom’s pie.

The end

Ps The girl baby was The queen, Elizabeth.


















「カエデの木を左に行き、滝を滑り降り、息を止めます。50回スキップして進む、スキップするのは女の子だけ、そして純水を飲む” とアーモンドは言った。









「ここはどこなんだ?」トロイが聞いた。  「知らないよ」マックスは「地図を見てみよう」と言いました。マラリンが提案した。




「彼女はメープルの木のところで曲がらなければならないと言ってるわ」 とマラリンは言った。

「どっちへ?」 マックスが聞いた。「左よ」マララインは答えました。「左に曲がると悪いことが起こるらしいよ。」とトロイが言った。「それはキャンプの伝説だよ、トロイ」 とマララインは言った。ゴツン!



マックスのあごが落ちた。「待ってよ!」 とマックスは言った。

「やばい!」。トロイが言った。「何?」 マラリンが言った 「私達くまがいる洞窟にアーモンドを残してきちゃったじゃん」 トロイは言った





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