9th Birthday Party

Yesterday, was my 9th Birthday party.

First of all, my birthday is on Sept. 16.

And we had my birthday party at Frisco Common Park.

You should have gone there, it was awesome.

We did have some troubles though.

We had to go home and bring stuff to the car multiple times.

Mom wanted to give her friend a gift card.

So we went to Starbucks and asked for a gift card.

Now I am just a kid, but if I can rate 1 to 5 stars it would be 1.

I even regret that I tipped her.

She ate in front of us, took too long when we were in a rush, didn’t say sorry for the inconvenience, didn’t say thank you for waiting, and didn’t have to say I was helping another customer when she was busy.

I think she’s a trainee, she was taught badly.

When we finally got a gift card we left and continued to go on the road.

We bought a few snacks and toys from Daiso and from a bakery.

When we finally arrived it took us a few minutes to find the splash pad.

Mom’s friend wasn’t there yet, so we waited.

When he finally arrived we started decorating and he ordered pizza and ice cream cake.

So I will talk more about my Birthday Party later.


Bye! 🙂


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